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Advanced Software Protection - Attacks and Defense

For Security Researchers and Developers

This 4-day course offers a comprehensive exploration of software protection in today's world. Attendees will gain expertise in advanced obfuscation, cryptography, and analysis techniques, delve into emerging trends like white-box cryptography, and learn how to protect software assets effectively. The course caters to diverse professionals, from developers to security researchers, equipping them with the skills needed to safeguard software, preserve value, and tackle evolving threats in the digital landscape.

An Analytical Approach to Modern Binary Deobfuscation

A curated training that teaches you to build, analyze and defeat obfuscated code

A curated training that provides an intensive jump-start into the field of code (de)obfuscation. Over the course of this training, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to the most relevant software obfuscation mechanisms as well as existing deobfuscation techniques to analyze, confront and defeat obfuscated code.